Add your tea leaves to acid loving plants like hydrangeas, azaleas and holly trees.

Tea makes a good fertilizer because it produces nitrogen, phosphoric acid, manganese and potash, nutrients which plants need to thrive. A cup of tea leaves steeped for fifteen minutes in a liter of boiling water when cooled is the perfect drink for your plants.

Wet tea leaves can also be added to the soil to feed your houseplants. This works especially well with ferns and roses, giving your plants a lush and healthy appearance.

A few cups of tea poured into your compost bin will help speed up the decomposition process and give you acid-rich compost. Liquid tea attracts acid-producing bacteria, thus improving the quality of your compost.

When preparing a planter for your window or balcony, put a few used teabags on top of the drainage layer (gravel, styrofoam, etc.) before putting in the soil and plants. This will help the soil retain water better and the tea bags give added nutrients as well.

If there’s a bare spot in your lawn, you can use tea bags to re-seed it. Just put a wet teabag where you want the grass to grow and sprinkle it with seeds. The teabag helps retain moisture and will gradually decompose.