Place a dish of tea leaves in your refrigerator to keep it smelling fresh.

Put dry tea leaves in a knee high and stuff it into shoes and sneakers to keep them smelling fresh.

Remove fish and onion odors from your hands by rinsing them with cooled tea.

Tea bags make perfect deodorizers. Put your favorite tea bags or tea leaves in a sachet in your closets, under car seats, in the bathroom or the kitchen to add a hint a hint of scent. Tea in spray bottles can also be used as air freshener.

Loose tea leaves make a great carpet deodorizer. Sprinkle dry tea directly onto carpeting, and allow to settle in for about ten to fifteen minutes. Use your favorite flavored tea to give your room a nice scent. The tea leaves will deodorize the vacuum cleaner bag at the same time.

Spreading dry tea leaves on a pet’s bedding will take away any odor. Just allow the tea leaves to ‘work’ and then either vacuum up or shake out the loose tea. This is also a good way to discourage fleas!