Is tea good for me?
Not only is tea soothing and delicious, but it is healthy too. In fact, the American Health Foundation recommends we consume 5 – 6 cups daily because . . .

•  contains 1/3 less caffeine than coffee or cola
•  helps reduce fatigue
•  maintains mental alertness
•  stabilizes fluid levels
•  is fat free and calorie free

The antioxidant in tea help prevent . . . cancers of the mouth, stomach, pancreas, lungs, esophagus, colon, breast and prostate.

The antioxidants in a single cup of tea equal those in one serving of vegetables.

Teaís flavanoids prevent heart disease by
•  reducing blood clotting
•  lowering blood pressure
•  lowering cholesterol

A study conducted by Harvard University researchers found that those who consumed one or more cups of black tea per day had more than a 40 percent lower risk of having a heart attack compared to non-tea drinkers.

Tea is a rare source of natural fluoride which inhibits growth of the oral bacteria and enzymes responsible for dental plaque.

Tea is also a rich source of manganese, necessary for healthy bones, and of potassium which regulates the heartbeat.

Other valuable vitamins and minerals found in tea include . . . vitamins B1, B2, B6, folic acid, and calcium.

Eating Well Magazine named tea “Beverage of the Year” for its health benefits and mass appeal to consumers searching for an alternative to soft drinks and coffee.

So is tea good for you? You bet it is!
And tea is one of the least expensive beverages available today . . . costing just pennies per cup.

Lose Yourself in its Charm
Relax with a cup of steaming, fragrant tea. Savor unblended, exotic and characterful teas like Darjeeling, the Champagne of Teas.