Chocolate – Black Tea with Natural Flavours


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Chocolate’s scientific name, Theobroma Cacao, literally means "food of the gods". And so it was for the ancient Maya who worshipped the cacao bean and regarded it as a priceless treasure. Hernando Cortez brought the beans back to Spain in the 1500’s where chocolate was subsequently enjoyed as a hot drink by royalty and commoners alike. By the 1700’s chocolate houses were as prominent as coffee shops in many parts of the European continent and the U.K. In 1756 chocolate crossed back over to the new world with the opening of North America’s first chocolate factory in the Massachusetts Bay Colony. We aren’t sure when chocolate was first added to tea or who was responsible for doing it. But we are sure of one thing – thank the gods he or she did it. With each tasting you will be consistently impressed by the way the natural chocolate flavoring blends with this Ceylon tea. Heavenly with a dash of milk and a little sugar.

Ingredients: Black tea, Elder blossoms, Natural flavors.


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