Formed Tea

Formed teas have been manufactured and enjoyed for millennia.  Originally desiged for ease in trasport, these pressed wonders have been hauled over the Himalayes on foot, carted to Russia on camels and hauled into Mongolia on ponies.  In recent years, these rare teas have been having a resurgence in popularity. Pu-erh in particular. Some exceptionally rare pu-erh has sold at auction for tens of thousands of dollars per cake.

Some literally comprised on tea pressed into a rock solid brick, these wonders of the tea world are extrememly popular in Tibet.  Tibetans use them to brew a thick tea that is mixed with salt and yak butter.  If you aren’t a fan of yak butter, tea bricks make a unique addition to tea-themed gift baskets or a one-of-a-kind gift on their own.

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